To help you insure the dignity which you desire in so important a service of worship, the Session of this church has established the following requirements. We solicit your support and cooperation.

The Lower Brandywine pastor shall have sole direction of the marriage service and be responsible for carrying out the rules and procedures as set forth by the Lower Brandywine Session regarding weddings in the Church.

Before giving approval to a wedding ceremony, the Church requires that the pastor participate with the betrothed in instruction and discussion of the privileges and obligations they will assume in Christian marriage. The church bears responsibility for providing education and counsel in preparation for marriage. The frequency and length of this instruction will be at the discretion of the presiding pastor.

A guest pastor is permissible as long as s/he meets with the Lower Brandywine pastor prior to the ceremony. At this meeting the rules of the church will be explained and the wedding ceremony will be approved by the Lower Brandywine pastor.

Since your church wedding is a service of worship, it is appropriate for you to arrange for your family and friends to join in worship, not as observers but as active participants, praising the Creator who has given marriage for the happiness of humanity and has bound us to one another in love. This may be done through the congregational singing of hymns, unison prayers, group reading of the Holy Scripture or other elements of corporate worship.

The organist of this church shall play for the service. Another organist may be engaged if approval of our organist is obtained. The pastor and organist must be consulted in advance with respect to musical selections. Only selections of religious character in keeping with a church service are suitable. Arrangements must be made for a rehearsal time which will not conflict with a regularly scheduled church activity.

The chancel furniture may not be moved for the ceremony nor may anything be placed upon or removed from the communion table. The brass vases may be used for appropriate flowers; two candelabra are also available for use. Floral decorations should conform to the decor of the sanctuary. No glue, tape or other materials which may damage or scratch pews, walls, etc. is to be used in decorating the Sanctuary. Your florist may provide suitable materials in order to attach flowers or decorations to the pews or doors or you may contact the Wedding Coordinator for direction. Please notify the secretary if you plan to leave flowers for use on Sunday morning.

No flash photographs may be taken in the sanctuary during any part of the marriage service. Photographs and videos of the wedding party entering the sanctuary are permitted from the front of the church; otherwise video taping of weddings and services will be permitted from the balcony only without narration. If pictures of the congregation are desired, they can be taken after the benediction and before the recessional. Please ask your friends and guests not to throw rice, birdseed or confetti either inside or outside the church.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the church or on the church grounds.

It is the responsibility of those planning the wedding to return the church building to the proper order and to abide by the rules for building use as they apply. The maximum seating capacity of the sanctuary is 250 people.