The Cemetery is open for visitation at all times.  Office hours are from 9 AM – 3 PM Monday through Friday.  The Cemetery is closed for the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Birthday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Notice:  Overgrown bushes and shrubs will be removed in early Spring 2019.   The Cemetery will give no further notice.

Cemetery Information   (Complete details of Cemetery Regulations and Price lists in a PDF file)       

“SALE” of plots conveys only the right of interment and not ownership of land; thus resale or transfer, by a plot holder, is not permitted.

Perpetual care includes only the cutting of grass on the lots.  Care of monuments and plantings in individual lots is at the expense of the lot holders.  The Association, therefore, reserve to itself the right not only to prohibit any planting or construction, but to remove or correct any condition which is at variance with this intent.

No interment may be made until proof of ownership of the plot has been furnished. The location of individual graves in a plot, must be established in consultation with the cemetery manager before excavating begins. The Cemetery reserves the right to require prepayment for services furnished to open and close graves.

Interments other than those from cremations must be made in a concrete vault or its equivalent in strength and durability. Cremated remains must be interred in an urn or other appropriate container of equivalent strength and durability.

Double depth interments to accommodate two burials in the same grave space may be made provided the first burial is made at double depth, double depth burials can only be made in plots of two graves or larger. Double depth burials are not permitted in single grave plots.

The construction of all monuments, markers, foundations, and structures both above and below ground, must be approved by the cemetery manager. The construction and maintenance of all monuments and foundations are at the plot holder’s expense. Mausoleums are not permitted. Not all areas of the cemetery have the same size requirements for markers. Check with the cemetery office for the requirements in the area where your plot is located. Foundations, for above ground monuments, must be flush with ground level. Foundations, for flush ground markers, must be left below ground level so the marker sits flush with ground level. All foundations must extend below the frost line.

Above ground monuments in multi-grave plots are limited to one upright monument for the plot and one additional flat marker (flush with ground level) for each grave in the plot. In single-grave plots all markers must be flush with ground level. All corner markers must be flush with ground level and eight inches minimum depth.

Planting of perennials, by plot holders or their families, is no longer permitted. Mulched flowerbeds, for annuals only, are permitted, but may not extend more than sixteen inches in front of the monument. Existing perennials and flowerbeds are not covered under perpetual care and must be maintained by the plot holder or their families. You may request a copy of the specifications from the cemetery office.

The cemetery requests that plot holders and their families promptly remove potted plants, cut flowers, and holiday decorations when they have become unsightly. The use of artificial flowers is discouraged.

The cemetery schedule of plot prices and burial fees are revised from time to time. A portion of the sale price of all plots is placed in trust for the perpetual care and upkeep of the cemetery. The care of monuments and plantings on individual plots is the responsibility of the plot holder or their families.

The general intent of these regulations is to maintain the cemetery in the best possible condition. The Cemetery, therefore, reserves the right not only to prohibit planting or construction, but also to remove or correct any condition, which the cemetery feels are at variance with this intent.

Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church Cemetery Monument and Planting Standards

Monuments: The size of your monument depends on the section of the cemetery that your plot is located. Check with the cemetery office for the size monument you can have on your plot.

Plantings: No tree planting permitted on plots. You may donate a tree to plant around the perimeter of the cemetery if you wish.

Perennials can no longer be planted on plots. Existing perennials on individual plots must not exceed forty inches in height, and should not encroach on surrounding plots.

Annuals can be planted in a mulched bed in front of your marker extending no more than sixteen inches from the marker.

The plot holder or their families must maintain all plantings planted on individual plots.

If you have any questions concerning these or any other Cemetery policies, please contact the cemetery manager at 302-658-0454.

Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church Cemetery Decorating Regulations

No artificial flowers permitted between March 15th and November 1st.


Wreaths, baskets, crosses, etc. may be placed 3 days prior to a holiday and will be removed approximately 10 days after the holiday.

Artificial flowers, wreaths, mounds, baskets and other decorations are permitted between November 1st and March 15th.

All decorations will be removed when they become unsightly.

Cut flowers and potted live plants are permitted any time.

The general intent of these and any other regulations is to maintain the cemetery in the best possible condition. The cemetery association, therefore, reserves the right not only to prohibit placement of any items but also the right to remove any items that are damaged, unsightly or at variance with cemetery regulations.