Plantings to support bees, butterflies and other pollinators was planted on the Church property near the intersection of Route 52 and Old Kennett Road in 2017.  Today, the garden is flourishing by the grace of God, maintained to meet community image standards by our members and staff. Our group also maintains some gardens at Winterthur.


The photos show harvesting from the heart in the Church Pollinator Garden. Data proves life was created where there was nearly none.

For more information, check out Presbyterians For Earth Care

A Winterthur Pond by Don Coats

Beneath my bridge view
Dragon Flies dart and cluster
Over nurtured waters flowing.
Silently in slow current,
Monster Sunfish wiggle drift under
Apparent frantic feeding frenzy
Of the darter flies!
The sullen fish escape my shadow.
Small white butterflies puddle
Mysteriously in mineral mud.
Above the pond, with hover skills dazzling,
The King Bird tweets,
Flaunts its white ribboned tail
Fanning, elegant hovering
Grabs the Dragon Fly
To feed her child.